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Across the Universe - Beth Revis Loved this book! Great YA science fiction novel.In set in space on a big ship, has cryogenics and other fancy schmancy tech, has romance, mystery, depth, action. The characters are beautiful. She has built them up so well and made them interesting and unique. She tells you their stories and what they've been through and what made them who they are.I loved how you kept on finding out bits and pieces of info and history and eventually you have completed the puzzle and it's just like BAM! It all actually meant something and has some weight and purpose in the novel/trilogy.Gorgeously put together and built up and written.Cover is beautiful! ugh, it's aslfhg;dfs.It's the first in a trilogy which just keeps on getting better.5 STARS IS DESERVED AND EARNED. Loved it and love the trilogy. I recommend to anybody. xx