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Allegiant - Veronica Roth WOW... amazing ending! Opens up lots of doors that Roth could take for the 3rd book.. gosh, I feel like writing my own version! But i'm curious what she wil do with the 3rd book,I reckon there is heaps to do for the 3rd book for it to satisfy,she left a very open ending for the 2nd book and whatever door she takes for the 3rd, theres going to a massive room with some pretty intricate objects in there. Do you get what i'm saying? There's so much to write and so much to build up for her to reach the ending that she has knowningly set up for herself to finish with. All this about a completely different world exisiting outside the fence, an undercover spy who works for the outside who they now have to investigate, all this truth to uncover and then deal with. Are they going to venture to the outside? Or will it not be venturing but so much as exploring? There's so much ground that Roth has to cover here and i'm quite worried that she won't! I don't think I could bear such a series opening the wrong door! Oh, and titles... hmmm.. I wouldn't be too shocked actually if she completely abandoned her 'gents' for something different and new. Since this journey is going to be new and alien to both us and Tris. But I shouldn't be so harsh on Roth, she is such a great writer for giving us this original, amazing series! Good luck with it.Please give me your opinions on these thoughts, would like to hear 'em. :)