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Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare oh, this book looks cool and pretty. I should buy it, and read it, and then put it back on my shelf and carry on with my life.(Cassie: lol sorry babe that ain't gonna flyy ;) mwahahahahahaha )Jem, Will, Tessa I love you so much never die and just love eachother okay?? THERE'S SO MUCH LOVE AND PAIN.SO MUCHIT HURTSWOWawwww that's cuteWAIT OH SHIT WHAT'S HAPPENING NO DON'T GO IN THERE SHIT SOMEONES HERE NO KILL IT KILL ITUGH EW HOW CAN SOMEONE OR SOMETHING BE SO EVILMYSTERY OOOHHHHHMORTMAIN YOU LITTLE SHIT GO F YOURSELF AND LEAVE MY BABIES ALONE*UGLY SOBBING/WAILING*I CAN'T STAHHPP= reaction to clockwork angelDo I reccommend it? I don't know if I should.