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Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card WOWWHAT EVEN.WHAT.I don't even know.This is my first proper sci-fi novel - one not mixed with YA, and goodness me it was very fascinating. I loved all the tactical and technical detail, all the games and simulations - it was fantastic! How Orson can know all this - politics, military tactics, and general military stuff is astounding.The writing set a very certain and cold world and atmosphere, nothing was happy, nothing was right, and you are put in this sad and hopeless mood. Why can't Ender just have a normal life? Why can't he spend the rest of his days with Valentine??? Why couldn't he just be normal and not have the mind of an utter genius? I loved Ender oh my goodness. His genius, his open mind, his confliction, his frustration, his self hate, the two different sides to him - the Peter side, and the Valentine side, his endurance, his fragility, and his perspective and outlook. He was a beautifully made character. But Orson didn't write in anything that made you overly compassionate and just made you 'CRY AND WANT TO JUST HOLD HIM AND TELL HIM IT'S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT'. I have a very human view on Ender, the kind that I'd have towards my friends or something, unlike the many books that have characters that are 'tragically beautiful' and sad, quirky, intelligent, witty etc. (= perfect). Ender is very human, and you have a very human opinion of him.THE PLOT, LIKE WHAT THE FLUCK.gOODNESS ME I CAN'T EVEN SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT WILL GIVE THINGS AWAY. EVEN TYPING LIKE THIS AND SAYING THIS GIVES AWAY THE FACT THAT SOMETHING BIG HAPPENS.Great book, I can't wait to read the rest of the series. You go Card!!