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The Raven Boys - WOWOWOOWOOWOWOOWOWW. Maggie Stiefvater is such a genius and amazing human being.She is able to put all that i've ever wanted to read on paper and into a story.The story, is so fantastic, but first I just want to talk about something else.How she writes and builds Blue is just, wow. She is so human and how she thinks and WHAT she thinks about life, and all that it involves and just these little bits of wisdom and little bits of though on things that she thinks or sais in the book are just mind opening. She has said many of the things i've though or wanted to say without knowing how to write it down, how to put it into words and sentences and portray in the best way possible what I felt and thought.And that's what she did. She portrayed in the best way possible, what she (I guess you could also say Blue since we are talking about a book here, and yea, you know what I mean) felt and thought. And I just felt better and more whole knowing and reading things that I have felt, and I kinda felt like I had been 'expressed' (people say ' i wanna express my feeling or myself', and yea that's what I mean) and wow I just love Maggie's writing, she has a way with words, and just helps you imagine and create the world she has written, in your own mind. And it's brilliant and beautiful, and the words are just lovely and like a big, soft hug. ANd not just that I guess, her words are other things, they can provoke negative emotions (not about the book) like fear, sadness, anger etc. but all in all her words are relly doing what they were meant to do, to their best potential.Wow, that was heaps of words. But yea.On the book, the idea was really unique. It was very intriguing, and I didn't exacly like the idea when I read the blurb, but because Maggie is Maggie and I had read her other series I thought i'd give it a go. And everybody who loves reading should. It really is something different, or a very new take on something.Very other-wordly and all. So yea, the world and idea the story was built around was great, but that's not what made me love it, it wa the characters. Such beautiful characters. I can't really explain them to you, they are so... complicated and.. human.THe Raven Boys, Bue and her family, the people involved in all the characters lives, and all the relationships, were just beautifully written/portrayed/described and you just come to think of them as real people, and you come to love so many and care for them and all. Yea.Just read the book, please. Because you will love it.Maggie I love you, and the world and people you've brought to life through your beautiful words. Thankyou so much.So glad to have read this.